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May 17, 2022

A Conversation with Brian Cuban (Mental Health Awareness Month Episode)

A Conversation with Brian Cuban (Mental Health Awareness Month Episode)

**Please note this episode covers several topics that some might find disturbing including substance abuse, eating disorders, and suicide.**

This month, May 2022, Personal Jurisdiction and the How I Lawyer Podcast are teaming up to feature five interviews on the important topic of mental health in the legal profession.

In the third episode of our series, #HowILawyer Host Jonah Perlin speaks with Brian Cuban. Brian is a Dallas-based attorney, keynote speaker, writer, and addiction recovery advocate. Brian has been in long-term recovery from alcohol, cocaine and bulimia since April of 2007. Brian is well known and speaks across the country at law schools & law firms both to tell his story and to offer advice on how our profession can better improve mental health awareness, awareness of substance abuse problems, and building more compassionate communities. He is the author of three books: Shattered Image, the Addicted Lawyer, and most recently his debut novel: The Ambulance Chaser.

Brian candidly shared his personal story from addiction to recovery; what he recommends to individuals who are struggling & those who want to support them, and suggestions for the legal profession and legal education writ large.

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Connect with Brian Cuban on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Learn more about Brian by visiting his website

Find out more about Jonah Perlin and the #HowILawyer podcast here. And follow Jonah on Twitter here

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