Season 4 is coming in August 2023!


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One of the best legal storytelling podcasts!

I host a legal storytelling podcast and Personal Jurisdiction is one I always listen to! This is a perfect podcast to listen to if you want to learn about different types of lawyers and their paths. Hallie and Allison are skilled interviewers and get interesting and thoughtful guests! You won’t regret subscribing.

Figuring out your legal career can be daunting…

…but Personal Jurisdiction makes it seem a little less scary. A lot of the messaging that law students and young lawyers receive about their careers is inconsistent and myopic—“BigLaw is the best place to work” but “it’s not smart to expect you will ever make partner.” This podcast is a great reminder that there are a ton of different paths to take, and each are equally valid. And Hallie and Allison are charming, inquisitive, and caring hosts!

Great insight for law students and young lawyers

Great insight for law students and young lawyers on the varied (and non-linear) paths available after your JD. Thoughtful, personal content applicable to anyone thinking about their own legal career, whether at the outset or while assessing where you are and where you want to be going.


Not your standard look at legal career path development. Probing, insightful - and fun!


This podcast is fantastic for young lawyers and law students. The hosts give great insights into law school, work life, big law, academia and the importance of following your dreams in law. These two hosts are amazing!

Great podcast!!

Insightful and honest about a tough topic. Very helpful. Great first episode!!

Practical Experience for Successful Lawyering

Hallie and Allison cut through the noise and rumors around careers and paths once you graduate from law school. Both are engaging, personal, and provide great advice!